hot 1984!!  
lo-mileage 1984 coupe - first of the new C-4 models   

 ----  Deep red metallicDark Brown interior----

This corvette was loaded with all the options including: power mirrors and 6-way power seatsbut    "not"the rough riding Gymkana suspension option and was diplayed on a dealership floor new -, comes with owners manual, dealership brochure 

very low serial number  about 500 -----ALMOST everything new - like a restored car.!!

-  Corvette1984 

-New seat covers, Polished wheels,   Computer ,+ Hypertech perf. chip,

fan switch sensor runs: 160-190 F    ,Alarm,   battery,  Tires, 

 Transmission = complete rebuild  Aug. 2000,    

,   NEW alternator,   
starter,    thermostat...
NEW Delco/delphi GM  air conditioning compressor and serviced system.
heater core and brackets, water pump, much more 
Complete maintenance records for the past 5   years !!

see below----you get the picture!  

photo   low mileage--1984 corvette for sale





Last modified: June 09, 2011