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Crane Corvette Supply amflag.gif (12532 bytes)   2ENG2.jpg (83841 bytes) e: Used Big Block Valve Covers 

we have many sets of original 1965-74 cover in various conditions call or email for details.          N.O.S. 1967 l-89 and 1968 early pair new $475 pair.

many others call--- ORDER LINE::::::::::::::::::::: PH: 800-597-4132


Also: 283  & 327originals available steel &finned aluminum


NEW: WEBSITE: www.cranescorvette.com/prod 01.htm

VISA, M-CARD, AM. EXPRESS 4687 CHATEAU PLACE. San Diego, Ca. 92117

"NEW:" NOTE: NEW PHONES: WEBSITE: UP 6/14/99 www.cranescorvette.com

ORDER LINE::::::::::::::::::::: PH: 800-597-4132

"NEW" FRAMEWORLD = toll free 888-427-8388

:::::::::::::::::::::::::: FAX::::::::::::::::::::::: 858-514-8398

"NEW:" USED PARTS toll free: (858) 514-8388






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Last modified: June 09, 2011